connecting the leaders of tribes for leveraging radical systemic change towards regenerative cultures
In a moment of multi crises, we need agents of change coming together committed to radically leveraging our impact. We need self-organized, context-specific, co-created, emerging solutions.

This comes with the premise, that only when we commit to deep inner work together, we can create a save vessel for radical systemic change.

We need to join experts for outer transformation (i.e. social entrepreneurs, impact investors, sustainability researchers, activists) with experts for inner transformation (i.e. yoga teachers, shamans, constellation workers, therapists) so that these two worlds become one, that the twelve tribes join forces, that they learn and grow together.

Our inner and outer worlds are not two unrelated domains. We live in a complex system. Everything within this system is relational. Our inner worlds create our outer worlds as much as our outer worlds create our inner worlds. By holding on to the distinction, we hold on to a world as it is.

The pivotal point for merging the outer and the inner and leveraging its potential, is the high-performant online Meta-Sangha-App, that is not just a Social Network, post Cambridge Analytica, but a Social Organism that allows a relational way of Discussions, Forums, Live Streams, Webinars and Sub-Groups, thus enabling people to come together offline for conferences, retreats and immersive learning journeys to empower action.

Welcome to Meta-Sangha, the place where you connect to people that are devoted to a radical new way of knowing, being and doing.


We are a by invitation only social network. You only get access when you get two testimonials. We are hand selecting each member.

Our 7 Commitments

We merge the silos

We aspire to get rid of the different silos. We understand that inner and outer change are not two separate processes, but that they are deeply entwined with each other and that changing one means changing the other. We don’t just want to connect the silos, but to go beyond that and to merge them in a way that a new way of knowing, being and doing emerges.

We meet as learners

According to Zen Buddhism, there are no answers outside oneself. Instead there are questions. Questions can transform how we see ourselves and our relationship to the world. Without questioning our inner worlds, our outer worlds will only be repeated over and over again. Our inner world is created and transformed by inner work - by paying attention to how we shape experiences and reinforce perspectives. Asking deeper questions leads to deeper changes. The Metha-Sangha invites into a joint learning process, humbly understanding that we don’t have all the answers.

We offer a safe space

By facilitating and holding a space of mutual support, by allowing vulnerability and failing, and by leaving the ego out, people can grow best. We commit to offer a space for each person’s growth to embolden and strengthen each other, not just in their personal life, but also in their political, professional and public life.

We dissolve boundaries

We don’t offer discussions in which right and wrong are contrasted. We offer relational communication in which the edges are explored and expanded, where blindspots can be faced openly and without ego, where learning from each others perspectives is the goal and pushing ideas forward is in the center.

We focus on quality

We don’t focus on scaling, but on high quality relationality. We don’t see relationships in terms of functionality, but in terms of trust and meaning, of giving and receiving. Life is relationships. Relationships are not only, but to a certain extent, structured by communication. If we shape communication with intention, deep relationships can emerge.

We approximate the truth

The truth is an asymptote, we can never arrive there, but we can jointly try to come closer. The greatest value comes from highly informed people from different tribes with very different perspectives of reality. The quicker assumptions can be falsified, the quicker it is to run a next iteration.

We acknowledge information overflow

Many of us tend to drown in information. We portray people, methodologies, projects, ideas etc. within 60 minutes. In the first 10 minutes the idea will be sketched, 5 minutes are dedicated to weak spots and then open for QA within a live feed. Pecha Kutcha meets TedTalk meets Q&A. The remaining 45 minutes are about rapid prototyping ideas to leverage the project. We use a simple, strict, repeating format with a high degree of diversification.