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We believe in Contribution, Cocreation, Commitment, Commons, Community in a mutual shared space of Abundance

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

Hunter S. Thompson

Meta-Sangha Manifesto

Every day of your life you want to live up to your highest potential. You perceive yourself as a crucial contributor to heal the state of our world. You sense the urgency. You know that you are obliged to leave a legacy. You know that everything in the universe is connected to everything. Through this understanding you are committed to a life of constant inner work. You are humble, yet proud to be part of the ever growing wave of people that understand that during this lifetime, in the next 10, 20, 30 years we cannot aim at less than radical, multi-level systemic change. 2.600 years ago the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha emerged. We need a Meta-Sangha, Meta-Buddhas and a Meta-Dharma. We are inviting the most awake human beings, across cultures, disciplines and religious dogmas for inspiring discussions and deep transformative learning journeys online and offline. Our Meta-Dharma is nurtured by the newest understandings in evolutionary enlightenment, philosophy, biohacking, neurosciences, social sciences and alternative economical models. Almost everything we are taking for granted on the outside will have to be rebuilt, the economical, societal, organizational structures. The way we live, produce, consume, meet. The monetary system, the power structures, literally anything. Our very knowing, being and doing. And the good news is, that as small seeds, most of the solutions for the manifold challenges ahead are already out there. Permaculture, Holacracy, Encode, Social Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Activists, Blockchain, Neurohacking, Brainwave Training, Plant Medicine… Yet, the radical system changes we need are still outstanding. At Meta-Sangha we merge the silos, we meet as learners, we embolden and strengthen each other to leverage our mutual endeavors.

Philosophical Cornerstones

We encourage each new member to read carefully through the section below as they are the philosophical cornerstones of this social network. As mentioned various times here and cross-referenced to, we are building this social organism primarily to connect the 12 tribes of transformation to leverage radical systemic impact. We all cherish, and critically build upon the integral philosophy. As a very brief overview find here a curated set of articles, books and videos to dive into the matter.




Introduction to AQAL

Ken Wilber

Spiritual Bypassing

Robert Augustus Masters

Humanity's Phase Shift

Daniel Schmachtenberger



I would describe myself as a conscious business activist with a serious crush on cutting edge thinking and modern solutions for a society in transformation.
For the past 12 years I have been bridging for-profit business models, social businesses and non-profit organizations.
I’m a strong proponent of the notion that inner transformation by means of dedicated lifelong personal development must go hand in hand with radical systemic change on the outside to allow for a thriving future for our grandchildren.

Jessica Böhme


My work and life are driven by the question how to develop an understanding of the world that integrates many subtle facets of reality and provides new approaches of knowing, being and doing on the (in)dividual, social and ecological level. I write and research about meta-narratives for radical lifestyle changes beyond sustainability. I believe in Eutopia, Tofu, and changing the world by starting from within and without simultaneously.

Dr. Felix Hoch


As integral facilitator and dedicated design thinking coach, I’m interested how powerful immerse media environments (e.g. VR and 360° dome projections) can allow us to expand our planetary awareness. At the same time these are tools for the integration of experiences (e.g. mindfulness or group process work) and approaches to co-create from meaningful experiences (e.g. Design Thinking, Theory U or Golden Circle) are now available in the mainstream and could facilitate the necessary capability for long term big picture thinking, feeling and acting.

Jonathan Klodt


As leadership coach and transformation catalyst I feel that we need to create safe spaces for courageous innovators. Leadership requires personal transformation to be able to navigate these turbulent times from our highest selves. 

James Redenbaugh


Designer, creative facilitator, and entrepreneur, James directs creative processes for paradigm-shifting organizations around the world. James has worked with globally recognized thought-leaders, game-changing companies, and high-impact NGOs. Based in the Sierra Mountains of California, he co-runs a remote design agency / nomadic co-living community, Montaia.

Jan Holzhauer


As Integral and Transformational Leadership Coach I empower individuals and organizations with strategic leadership challenges. I help you to overcome crises, face challenges, and navigate transformation processes on a personal and organizational level.


Meta Moderna

Metamodernism is the philosophy and view of life that corresponds to the digitalized, postindustrial, global age. This can be contrasted against modern and postmodern philosophies.


Our mission is to maximise the social impact of young changemakers, who take part in impact retreats and become part of a global community of social innovators that learn from each other and co-create projects together.


We are happy to announce that we will be holding the second Emerge gathering in the beautiful city of Kiev on the 27th-29th September. This networking event will involve thought leaders from the fields of social change, organisational development, philosophy, metamodernity, personal growth, systems science and New Economic Thinking.